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Another one… Yay?

Posted on: January 17, 2008

Yep, I have a WordPress too, now. That just adds to the many blogs and various social networking site profiles I barely look at.

 Well let’s start by telling you all about the anger of yesterday. I had myself a wee hospital appointment.

They had to take my precious blood for various tests. I’ve never had any difficulty before with blood tests, never. I’m not scared of needles and it’s pretty easy to get blood from me. But of course, it just had to be painful and difficult yesterday. They put the needle in my right arm (the one I use for writing and various other nice tasks) and began moving it around to get the blood flowing. It should have worked – it usually does. What happened was they managed one and a half tubes. Half a tube of my blood is in the bin because she moved the needle around (collapsed the vein, maybe. My favourite vein! The really obvious one in the crook of my elbow…That sounds creepy but bear with me; I just mean my favoured blood-taking vein) and stopped the blood getting anywhere near the needle. So the needle is removed and blood pours out of my arm like water from a tap. Not really – it was subsequently stopped by cotton wool. But oh my God, my arm is killing me today.

As is the other one. They try the other arm and that went okay, but it’s bruised as well. I have never had this trouble before. Not even at the children’s hospital. Can’t they train their staff properly? No offence, miss, but you really can’t take blood properly. Maybe I’ll go to the children’s hospital for testing in the future.

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