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My Star Trek animations, courtesy of GoAnimate

Posted on: February 27, 2009

GoAnimate is a wonderful website; essentially the lazy would-be filmmaker’s haven. I personally love it and its Star Treky goodness. Because of this, I have started to mini Star Trek series. One is the Adventures of Pavel Chekov, a work in progress. You can see the title animation by clicking below, and a couple of short Chekov clips. The second is Star Trek Shorts, a nostalgic look upon the clichés and trademarks of the original Star Trek series. You can view the first film by clicking below. [Note: Each film opens in a new window]

Enjoy! And remember to visit – it’s oh so much fun.

Title Sequence [The Adventures of Pavel Chekov]
Getting-On-My-Nerves Pinch
Chekov Snaps
Star Trek Shorts Episode One: Conversation [Kirk + Spock]

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