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A belated post, I know, but that happens to be characteristic of the disaster area that is me. Yes, that’s right; in the UK, Jeeves, lovable English gentlemanly mascot of search engine Ask, has returned after three years of retirement. Turns out the public loved the dear just too much to let him go for any longer than a few years. Still, he seems pretty happy to be back, and has become an incredibly chatty and pleasant fellow.¬† Not that he wasn’t pleasant before.

Jeeves' new 3D design currently displayed on the UK Ask search

Jeeves' new 3D design currently displayed on the UK Ask search

Jeeves appears to be branching out in what looks to be a fantastic advertisment campaign. He has a Twitter page, so in real-time you can keep up to date with the search engine’s Question Of The Day and Jeeves’ answer to said question, hear the latest news on the whereabouts of Jeeves (usually at special events or sometimes just walkin’ round) or just, you know, chat. He has a Facebook page which is also kept painfully up to date and even includes video and images of special events and Jeeves’ travels in the last three years.

Now, to the question you probably weren’t all that interested in knowing the answer to: Will I be using the Ask search engine in future? My answer: Maybe. I use Google. Everyone uses Google. Google is a good search engine. However, Ask sometimes finds the result I’m looking for and places it on the front page whereas I have to sift through tons of Google pages. The likelihood is I’ll use them both.

Besides, I’m quite charmed by Jeeves, the gentleman’s gentleman. Ask has a personality again, which makes it entertaining and now, the personality is getting out amongst the people, mingling, enjoying the company. It’s a very promising ad campaign. I can almost forgive the people at Ask for taking the¬†endearing butler away in the first place.

P.S.: I’ll probably also still use AskJeeves for the purpose of searching silly questions like “Why is the rum gone?” when I’m bored. Better than using Google for boredom. Which I have done. Ask is better.

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