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I saw Inglourious Basterds on its opening night here in the UK and I plan to review it eventually. One thing I have to say about it though is that there are already fangirls for the bad guy!

Anyone who saw the movie knows that Col. Landa is a manipulative, back-stabbing opportunist. He is not a nice guy. He looks for ways that he can benefit in any situation and is prepared to take the cowards’ way out. He is aggressive and cruel when he wants to be. He kills an entire family of Jews in a surprise attack, for crying out loud!

He is not going to change his ways for your character. He is not going to become kind and loving and caring and sweet for your Mary-Sue, self-insert, prettiful and gorgeous, awesomely brave and awesome character. I actually hope that Christoph Waltz, dressed as Landa, comes round to your house and in a blaze of bullets destroys your computer for that. I hope Quentin Tarantino then arrives and stomps on the remains.

End of post. For now.

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  • HoistTheColours: Dear author, I full-heartedly and absolutely agree with your above statements. I just thought I would let you know, since I don't quite understand w
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  • The Lilac Pilgrim: I couldn't go anywhere without someone mentioning it. It was incredibly obvious and yet people were still arguing about it. Absolutely ridiculous.