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Best Spam Mail Ever.

Posted on: April 1, 2010

Today I looked in my Junk Mail folder. Apparently Gordon Brown and David Miliband want to give me two million pounds. Shame that I’m not allowed to talk to any other government officials or foreign affairs peoples from anywhere in the world. Sorry Vladimir and Dmitri; gotta wait til that money gets through. Barack, we need to reschedule that basketball game. Silvio… yeah, never talked to you much anyway. Still, I’m sure Gordon and David are fun to talk to. And they’re sending me a shiny new VISA to replace the one they mentioned in the e-mail. Oddly none of the numbers matched my card number… but that was probably just a typo.

In all seriousness, though, don’t ever send out your personal details in e-mails, no matter how promising they look. I can’t believe people still fall for these hoaxes. No-one wants to give you money, if you didn’t enter a foreign lottery you haven’t won any money from it and seriously, your prime minister probably barely knows his own e-mail address, never mind yours.

Over and out. Or just ‘out’. No-one really says over and out. Yeah.

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