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Heath Ledger, deity of sorts rest his soul, has posthumously let loose a tornado of love-goggled fangirls and their fantasies, the type we really don’t need to hear, the type that are normally of the same ilk as the following:

“And the Joker held her tight, in a very out-of-character way, whispering sweet nothings, his mind for once not on killing everything…”


“I’m really really in love with the Joker, despite the fact that he’s a serial killer, but when I finally gt him, I’m not so dedicated anymore because things didn’t go the way they did in my head”


“The Joker is just a vulnerable sweetheart, really, I want to be the person he can turn to, the person who he can open up to.”

Girls, seriously, the last thing the Joker is likely to do is open up to you. Open you up perhaps.

When the Joker was Jack Nicholson you didn’t see quite as much of this pseudo-psychological romantic drivel. I agree there probably were some, but not as much as now.

I haven’t yet seen The Dark Knight, though I’m planning on it. But from what I’ve seen, liking the Joker is justifiable. He’s obviously well-acted, and chillingly terrific, so yeah, I can see why you’d like the villain; after all, we like to be thrilled by their screen presence.

However, how can you fall in love with a man whose idea of a first date is torture? A man who’d rather kill you in the most insane ways than kiss you?

There is so much bad fiction waiting to be spewed on the internet like so much undigested green eggs and ham, but please, I beg you, if your OC is a girl (or guy, even) much like yourself who ends up in a romantic tryst with The Joker, reconsider. And reconsider the character of The Joker! The Joker is not likely to let you go, even if he’s playing mind games with you. He likes killing people, it’s something he does, he’s not likely to make an exception for a 15/16/17 year old girl, matured beyond her years or not.

You WON’T be the one to change him. Not even if you insist to him that love is a healing force, not even if you randomly snog his face off while he’s trying to slash your face to bits, not even if you’re Miss World Psychology 2008.

Lets be realistic, girls, being in love with The Joker is kind of like being in love with Charles Manson. It’s a little like saying “Ted Bundy did some pretty screwed-up crap, but boy was he hot!”.

Okay, so the Joker isn’t real, but if he were, he’s not going to want the love of a teenaged fangirl. Most likely he’d find it irritating and easily fly into a murderous rage.

I guess my point here is, sure, it’s still okay to adore Heath Ledger. I had a bit of a thing for DeForest Kelley at one point, and he’s been dead for some time. But my God, The Joker is a maniacal psychopath, it’s not about bondage and leather, it’s about switchblades and rockets and deadly weaponry. I mean really; you cannot change a person if they don’t want to change. After seeing anything Batman related, do you really think he wants to?

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