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*hops on* Wow, sure is crowded on here…

Well, I love reading the Russell T Davies lovers’ blogs. A lot of their views on the new series haters go along the lines of “HAHA! You can’t talk! You’ve never done anything interesting! Russell is well-respected blah blah f***ing blah”

So? Big whoop, people think he’s a good writer. I’ve seen lots of examples of his work, and to be honest, he’s nothing special. In my honest opinion (no chatspeak here!), RTD is only popular because of Queer As Folk. Wow, how innovative and daring(!) Yes okay, maybe for its time it was. But to be honest it’s not great. I did like the Christopher Eccleston series of Doctor Who, but it ended abruptly with too much lovey-doveyness.

And is it just me or has the Doctor become a complete whore?

As for me having not done anything ground-breaking or interesting – what’s that got to do with my ability to speak out and say “I don’t like Russell T Davies’ writing”? I don’t! What’s your problem? He’s not as talented as he thinks he is. And I hate hearing him calling people fanboys or homophobes. And encouraging his stupid little minions to do the same!

I’m too young to remember my favourites, sadly. I watched them after they were done. Ah, reruns. Now, I know I’ll get attacked by many a Davies fanboy/girl, but I feel he had ruined the chemistry of the show. Actually, I didn’t mind Martha as much as Rose. Maybe because she wasn’t trying to get into his pants, THEN deciding “I’ll go with my ex, but still be in love with The Doctor.”

And you know, I DON’T watch the show anymore. I didn’t start watching again until The Master. God, that was annoying.

As for “Where’s YOUR episode?” people – well, let’s see… I’m eighteen and at university studying a biomedical degree. You honestly think I want to write an episode and send it into the BBC, only for it to be thrown straight into the shredder? They won’t look at it; how can real script-writers (though not me; I write original scripts, thanks.) get a chance to drag Doctor Who back from the modern pop-culture sludge it’s become?

I await the sad, pathetic drawling of the “DIE!!!!1!1!11!!!!!!1one!!” people. Really, I don’t care if you like it. Go watch it; I won’t. I have better things to do when it’s on. It would be nice though if it stopped being the exact same drivel all the way through. And I know you don’t care if I don’t watch it. But it’s fascinating that you seem to care that I don’t like the show, because I know this post will get an amount of backlash, even though usually you wouldn;t bother with me. Isn’t that funny?

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