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As a sister of a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome, I’ve always been rather interested in the Autism debate, but I’m always so disappointed when those rallying to lose vaccines turn around and tell people that their beliefs are wrong; closing their eyes and ears in order to scream bloody murder louder than before.

I want to take a moment as an aspiring scientist, an immunologist and microbiologist, to remind people of why vaccines are so important, and to try and ease some of these disagreements.

First off, the all-important tetanus vaccine. Following are some arguments commonly used to “prove” that we no longer need this vaccine:
> We have better hygiene; we will never get this disease.
  ¬ We as a civilisation may well have better hygiene, but the dirt outside doesn’t. When you get cut and the wound is sustained outside, you have the chance of developing this disease. Remember, clostridium tetani, the pathogen causing the disease, grows well in dirt outside. Okay you could take your chances running back home to clean the wound, but if the organism has already made you its home, you could end up with this deadly disease.

> This vaccine puts some of the poison into you. That cannot be safe.
   ¬ Of course it puts some of the poison into you – think of it as desensitising. The body knows there’s an invading… something, and begins fighting for your life. Once it has built up a recognition of the “signatures” (proteins, toxins…), the response will be quick and efficient toprevent full-blown paralysing, gut-wrenching, spine tearing tetanus.

The influenza innoculations:
> I got this jab but still got the ‘flu! Now I know you’re lying!
   ¬Now, before you go calling your lawyers, you should know that there are several different ‘flu types, and the yearly immunisation is only for the most prevalent strains.
     Not only that, but the point of immunisation is to help your body recognise these dangerous diseases, so that if you ever come across them, the infection won’t be full blown and probably fatal.

The rabies vaccine:
> I’ll never come across a rabid animal; that’s what Animal Control/quarantine/euthanasia is for!
   ¬ You might think so, but (especially if you live in the Americas) there’s always a chance that you may come across a rabid animal. Rabies is not only transmitted through a bite, though – if a rabid animal gets fluid in your eye or in a wound (through licking, for example), you’re in danger of developing the disease.

> I’ll just wash the wound extra carefully.
   ¬ Believe it or not, people think that this will prevent infection. Remember Jeanna Giese? She did just that and almost died of non-classical rabies. She did miraculously pull through, but the method that saved her life hasn’t worked since. Rabies is almost 100% fatal without PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis).

And that’s just a few of the diseases!

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to the individual, but if your child lives in an area which tetanus is prevalent (farm land areas are usually rife with clostridium tetani) or rabies is an everyday occurrence (remember that skunks harbour all kinds of diseases, including rabies), perhaps it would be in your best interest to get these immunisations.
Which would you rather? A physically healthy child who can still run around and play, or a child convulsing and thrashing in a hospital bed, unable to eat, sleep or breathe, wracked with pain from the paralysis?

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