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First go to this post from where a post of mine has been linked: The Joker’s Virtual Harem

Firstly, I am kind of flattered that my comments actually got to someone badly enough that my blog now features on another blog. That’s something.

Secondly, I feel I’m being badly misrepresented here. I don’t hate the fangirls – I can’t, I don’t know them. I just don’t want to have to wade through horrific self-insertion Mary Sue based fiction involving bad characterisations of the Joker which “borrow” heavily from the film itself playing out deranged fantasies I don’t need to hear about, just to get to some good fan fiction. I know some original characters are well-written; the majority of these are not. At least if I should ever feel the need to write self-insert fiction descriing my wildest fantasies about whoever I might be into I keep it to myself on my own hard drive or in a hand written diary, rather than clogging up the servers on FanFiction dot net with whatever crap needed to spill out of my head for my own sanity.

Thank you, goodnight!

~The Lilac Pilgrim

    • HoistTheColours: Dear author, I full-heartedly and absolutely agree with your above statements. I just thought I would let you know, since I don't quite understand w
    • richclark: I covered this in my blog too. Found your post on one of Wordpress' random (associated posts). Has Ask really made the impact it needed to from
    • The Lilac Pilgrim: I couldn't go anywhere without someone mentioning it. It was incredibly obvious and yet people were still arguing about it. Absolutely ridiculous.