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First off, let me just say that I’m a massive fan of Walter Koenig; his acting and writing. So I was very excited to hear about the film InAlienable, a story written by Koenig and starring him, too.

InAlienable is a bizarre sounding idea, kind of sounding like a weird Mpreg fanfiction. It’s about a man name Eric Norris (Richard Hatch) who, after losing his family in an accident, is overcome with guilt and pain, not helped by his sarcastic, twisted boss Dr Shilling (Walter Koenig) who insists upon fuelling the loss and grieving with every cutting insult and manipulative word.

However, along comes a meteor, the favoured plot device of sci-fi writers looking to create a story based on Earth involving creatures not-of-this-world. The meteor brought with it what is described as a tentacled, gooey thing which somehow becomes a black rock (possibly an egg form), which is given to Norris. After a fling with his colleague Dr Mayfield, he finds himself invaded by an alien parasite which hooks itself up to the entire organ system in order to survive.

After a time, Dr Norris “gives birth” to a weird-looking baby; a sort of humanoid with strong tentacles (think Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2) and without a nose (think Lord Voldemort). At first he’s a little fearful of it, but slowly, he grows attached to it, and gives it a name. It’s called Benjamin. Dr Norris believes it’s his son.

However, the FBI are called in by Shilling (who else?), who accompanies them every step of the way and tries to make sure the alien dies. In a very cruel way throughtout the film, he continually attempts to cause psychological damage to Norris, in an attempt at revenge. Revenge for what? you might ask. Well, I don’t really want to spoil the movie but I’m sure you get the picture.

InAlienable is actually not as bad as it sounds. It’s very easy to follow, the acting is impeccable and there are plenty of laughs to complement the gripping scenes. Koenig’s talent as both a writer and an actor really shines through and Richard Hatch is impressive as Norris.

Eric Norris is a brilliant character; the perfect broken man who just wants a family, his family. His state causes him to love the alien baby, his “child”, and tries to protect it, and the way in which this is portrayed had me on the edge of my computer chair. However, the end of the movie, while a logical conclusion, could have used more transition, and more of Norris’ healing process.

Shilling is likewise a wonderful character, though one whose neck was just begging to be snapped. Malice drips off of him; that neurotic, borderline psychotic way in which he took the utmost pleasure in his employee’s pain caused my jaw to drop open, and I silently wished the alien baby would turn around and cause his end. Once again, we could have used a little more insight into the psychology of Shilling.

If you do decide to watch InAlienable, don’t expect too much from the CGI. It’s good to a degree, but Renegade Studios have really just started out, and so some of the special effects appear very “Doctor Who.” However, they work well and the alien props are beautifully done.

All in all, I thought InAlienable was a well-thought out and interesting film which I thoroughly enjoyed. I give it 9/10, with the point removed due to its shortness and lack of storytelling near the end. For the most part though, the storytelling is quite good, nd if you like intelligent sci-fi, this may be the movie for you.


InAlienable is available to watch through for $2.99 per 72-hour viewing period.

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